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The HRC Group’s overall goal is to provide our client hotels with outstanding outsourced housekeeping service which seamlessly integrates with their brand, standards and operation.

Founded in 1990 by the internationally experienced Hotel Housekeeping Specialist Moira Kelly; Moira gained valuable experience in the UK, Australia and Germany before becoming the youngest Executive housekeeper in London at the Hyatt Carlton Towers, Knightsbridge in the early 1980’s. She was headhunted as part of the pre-opening team of the Sydney’s Intercontinental Hotel in the mid 1980’s.



Outsourcing can be a balancing act – when all goes to plan it can be excellent and everyone is happy. If it does not work out everyone suffers from the guest, frontline staff to the General Manager and, the company supplying the service. At The HRC Group we have been cleaning hotel rooms in and around Sydney since 1992, specialising within the 4 and 5 star sectors. Our executive team collectively shares over 100 years housekeeping experience, which is subsequently passed onto all our team members. A number of our staff and customers have been with us since the early days so, we are confident we are going about our business effectively. We would not put up our hand as to being the cheapest in town as, in our experience this invariably results in short cuts being taken resulting in ‘issues’. Our near 30 years’ experience has taught us what it takes to excel at delivering our hotels with Housekeeping Solutions and Quality. We always work with our customers in pricing our service to exceed their expectations while working within budgets.



Reduce and control costs: 

Lower expenditure on fixed and employment costs, resulting in significant savings.

Improve and maintain business focus:

Housekeeping is recognized as the most labour-intensive department of a hotel. By outsourcing, your team can totally concentrate on guest satisfaction tasks.

 World-class talent and access to new resources:                           

Share HRC Group’s many years of experience working within differing hotels around the globe.           

Share risks:   

HRC Group helps mitigating risk factors for your company by dividing and delegating operations. 

Policy and Procedures: 

Benefit from HRC Group’s 30 years of refining policy and procedures.

 Pre-opening planning: 

Especially useful for groups and independent hotels who cannot draw upon a head office for support.



The HRC Group has been cleaning hotel rooms since 1992 with a number of staff and customers sharing our journey since the very early days.    

 Expertise and knowledge:

Our Key Managers and Supervisors have recognized expertise and knowledge in Housekeeping Operations Management, Training and Administration. They take pleasure in coaching & mentoring newer team members with their extensive insights.

 Commitment to support all our team:

 The ongoing success of our company is the well being of ALL OUR TEAM through the HRC social responsibility program, rewards and recognition initiatives. 


Guaranteed through constant training and team monitoring. 

Quality improvement:

The HRC Group operates on quality improvement principles which are built into everyday operational procedures.

 Excellent reputation: 

Proud to be acknowledged within the hotels industry for Flexibility, Honesty, Integrity and Proactive Management within their business dealings, and being totally open and transparent in communication

A genuine focus on achieving best quality 

outcomes that assist our clients to maintain and

 grow their key business.



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Director of Housekeeping and Quality Assurance


Operations Manager


Operations Manager